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Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Let us work our magic & refresh your look with our wrinkle release treatment.

The number of units needed varies for each client and area.

Treatment Areas Include:

  • Forehead lines - Treats forehead creases

  • Crow’s Feet - For smile lines around the eye area

  • Frown Lines – Softens and prevents wrinkles between eyebrows

  • Bunny or Wolf lines - Relaxes muscles that create lines on the side of the nose

  • Brow lift - Creates a more awake, lifted appearance

  • Lip Flip - To create a fuller lip without (or in addition to) lip fillerLip lines

  • Marionette lines - Lifts the corners of the mouth (for smiles that have turned downwards with aging) 

  • Platysmal bands - Provides jawline definition

  • Chin - Prevents orange peel texture and creases

  • Hyperhydrosis - Provides relief from excessive sweating on face or body areas

Interested in learning more? Book a consultation!​

Before and After - Wrinkle Release Injections for the Glabellar (11's)

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