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  • Long-lasting results
    Sculptra stimulates collagen production, which can help the body maintain a more youthful appearance for up to two years after the final injections.


  • Natural-looking results
    Unlike traditional facial fillers, Sculptra works with the body's existing cellular processes to gradually restore volume and improve skin texture.


  • Treats signs of aging
    Sculptra can help reduce the appearance of deep lines, creases, folds, and sagging jawlines.


  • Improves skin quality
    Sculptra can firm up the skin and make it look more refreshed and glowing.

Adds volume to sunken cheeks and restores a youthful contour.

Fills hollow temples, providing a more balanced facial appearance.

Softens deep lines running from the nose to the mouth. 

Reduces lines running from the corners of the mouth to the chin.

Enhances jawline definition and contours.

Adds volume and shape to a recessed chin.

Christian Sculptra Cheek 6 Mo After Facing Right.jpg
Christian Sculptra Cheek BEFORE Facing Right (1).webp
After 6 months
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